Large Range of Units
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Wide Range of Food

We have an extensive range of units, each specially manufactured to give a unique and unparalleled standard of service and hygiene.

Lets Eat has over 40 different style of units to suit your event, as we appreciate not all events are the same.

Each unit is designed to enable us to deliver a large range of food and drink. Indeed, we pride ourselves on producing an extensive portfolio of cuisines from the standard staples to exotic choices and healthy eating options. However, we are always keen to design and develop new menus for our customers.

Our units are customised with whichever chill cabinets, grills, ovens, rotisseries, refrigerators, coffee makers and food and drink dispensers are required to deliver quality product in the fastest time. This combined with our directly employed and trained staff ensures happy customers and, crucially, minimises overcrowding and queues.


Our units use the latest hydraulics allowing us to manoeuver them into position expediently and lower them into position to give a more permanent, quality appearance.

In addition to our large and bespoke units we offer cart style units for those small and awkward places where a full sized unit wont fit. These carts can deliver ice cream, coffee, hot dogs and confectionery. Whatever you need you can be confident we will provide an attractive installation that will add value to your event.

We operate throughout the UK delivering food and drink to football stadiums, exhibitions, Christmas markets, stadium rock concerts and other prestigious events, large and small, both indoor and outdoor.

In addition to supplying catering through our units, we can also manage, populate and run existing permanent catering facilities and pavilions on behalf of public and private sector customers.

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