Professional Staff
Trained in HACCP
Customer Service First
Good Staff Retention

At Let’s Eat we pride ourselves on using part and full-time staff who are directly employed by the company. We believe that this sets us apart from competitors.

By using our experienced, directly employed staff we can guarantee a continuity that few can offer, which brings with it a workforce trained to the highest standards of food hygiene and customer service.

All of our staff are trained in the application of HACCP and we are, of course, compliant with all local and national food hygiene laws.

This was recently endorsed when an independent body reported that, of mobile catering units working at stadia in the UK, Let’s Eat has the shortest waiting time and quickest serving time in the country.

This has been achieved through our program of internal training, high levels of staff retention and through investment in our equipment.

We provide mobile catering and bar services for large stadia concerts, sometimes over eight nights, where our staff are delivering to crowds in excess of 50,000 people. Operating under pressure and against the clock. We know we can handle the fluctuations in demand across varied schedules of events and, precisely because we directly employ staff, we can easily and quickly call on trained support when required.